Micro alga + garlic

  Encapsulated organic substance of natural origin.

  Microalgae Chlorella and garlic are excellent dietary supplements due to their beneficial nutritional values. The product contains vitamins of natural origin, amino acids, micro and secondary elements and antibacterial substances. Its consumption enhances the vitality of human body effectively. Its content of natural vitamins has a positive influence on cellular chemical processes. Amino acids support the metabolism of organs, stimulate the growth of body and hair, and assist the regeneration of skin and the good function of the nervous system effectively.

  Iron reduces anaemia, while selenium restricts the formation of inflammation diseases and tumours.

  Garlic has long been known in folk medicine for its healing effect. Several scientists and studies have proved its antibacterial effect, e.g. that it destroys bacilli causing tuberculosis. It can also prevent infections caused by influenza viruses.

  It decreases the blood pressure and the concentration of blood sugar, contributes to the prevention of cancer, reduces the level of blood cholesterol and supports the function of the human gastrointestinal tract effectively. The consumption of this product enables us to make our body healthy. We can prevent the development of diseases and make the medical treatment more effective.