History of the Company

  The company Variplast Ipari Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Kft. was founded in 1991. In respect of the challenges of life, our most important business that can also be regarded as our main activity area is the design, development, production and installation of our organic products and the related production equipment that can be used in every area of agriculture and crop farming with excellent result. We have developed an environment-friendly and recyclable biotechnological process and a full-scale solution that ensures higher productiveness and better nutritional values for integrated crop farming and food production. We have achieved excellent results in this area.

  Our products include Bioplasma, a fertiliser that stimulates the growth of plants, and its production equipment. The manufacture and marketing of this product was authorised already in 1997. Since then it has been used economically in Hungary as well as in foreign countries. Another product of ours is BioNitroPhos, a microbiological preparation that increases the productiveness of soil when applied on stubble-fields. It was granted authorisation of manufacture and marketing in 2004, and its production process has been certified according to ISO standards. Both above-mentioned products can be used successfully in traditional and organic production as well. Our algae-based products can also be regarded as our very important products, including tablets and capsules that make use of the physiological effects of algae, garlic and gelatine and improve the condition of the human or animal body, as well as the product named Pyrosol that can be used for the healing of burns and insect-bites. Our products and equipment are not only sold on domestic markets but also exported to foreign countries.

  We have built three plants in Hungary and two in Sweden for the production of Bioplasma. However, there is a similar plant in Spain and another one in Australia as well. We export the raw materials necessary for the manufacture of Bioplasma from Hungary to the European production sites.

  Our activities in the framework of chemical research and development include the solution of problems related to the reuse/recycling of waste and environment protection. In this area, we have reached decent results in the recycling of rubber and leather wastes. Our services include the testing of water, soil and waste water mainly for the purposes of water management and agriculture, the solution of problems revealed during our examinations and expert advisory. The results of our examinations drew the attention to the deficiencies of the biological processes in the soil and the deceleration of soil life that have adverse effect on the quality of cost-effective crop farming.

  Our products used in the agriculture have been granted the certification labels of Biokultúra Egyesület (Hungarian association for organic production), Hungária Öko Garancia, KRAV in Sweden and Ekotar in Turkey.